Colorado Workforce Development (2012 - present)

Collaborative Economics helped design and execute a statewide Sector Summit and network involving teams from 14 regions across Colorado. The summit brought together 14 regional teams of workforce development, education, economic development, employers, and other community stakeholders. From the summit, more than 30 new regional industry sector partnerships were identified for launch in 2013. COECON is providing regional training sessions for sector strategy conveners and employers, and providing ongoing technical assistance to the regional teams to launch and expand their partnerships.


We have developed and delivered Regional Sector Partnership Convener Training, facilitated a peer learning and support network, and provided intensive technical assistance to several regions to help them launch new partnerships. The partnerships are focused on growing talent to support greater economic prosperity and quality of life in diverse smaller, mid-size, and major cities across the state.

Client: Colorado State Workforce Development Council

Project manager:

Francie Genz


Arizona Industry Sector Partnerships

Regional Industry Clusters of Opportunity