Annual Index of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy (2012)

Client: Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

Designer: Bridget Gibbons

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In 1997, COECON pioneered a new three-part framework for assessing science, technology, and innovation assets by designing and researching the inaugural Massachusetts Innovation Index. When the need arose in 2012 for an updated concept, we were uniquely qualified to lend our expertise.


COECON developed an updated approach which included a Special Analysis of comparative attributes of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy, an overall design template for the Index giving it an updated look and feel, and a web-based strategy to allowing people to interact with Index content.


By the means of 25 indicators, the Index offers a comprehensive view of several dimensions of the innovation ecosystem. Using a robust selection of data sources, the Index benchmarks Massachusetts against nine Leading Technology States throughout the United States to reveal relative strengths and weaknesses.