The Role of Innovation Brokers in the Knowledge Economy (2012)

Project manager:

Jessie Oettinger

Designer: Bridget Gibbons

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Innovation brokers serve as the critical connectors in a network of individuals, organizations, and institutions that support entrepreneurs and companies at different stages of the business development process. They work across disciplines to ensure that a broad range of resources and expertise are accessible and strategically aligned. COECON has documented the best practices of innovation brokers, created a national curriculum to train innovation brokers, helped brokers at the regional and state levels develop action plans, and developed innovation indexes to measure progress.


This paper was presented by CEO Doug Henton at the Triple Helix XI International Conference 2013 in London, UK on July 9, 2013. It identifies “innovation brokers” as the critical link that bonds the triple helix. The need for universities and businesses to work together and take action alongside governments is critical.