Welcome to Collaborative Economics


Collaborative Economics’ approach to next generation business engagement centers on authentic and sustained industry partnerships that allow for business to work collaboratively with public partners to improve economic competitiveness and prepare workers with the skills they need to succeed.

How We Help

  • Analysis to inform industry mobilization
  • Direct assistance
  • Trainings, customized technical assistance, and advising
  • Facilitation of peer-to-peer learning among
  • Documentation of promising practices
  • Advising on strategies for measuring success

Collaborative Economics has over 30 years of experience in state and regional innovation and economic development, and has been applying this understanding to the clean economy for the last 10 years.

How We Help

  • Analysis of economic and environmental indicators
  • Identifying and tracking the growth of businesses, jobs, and occupations
  • Identifying supportive public policies and strategic actions
  • Assessing the clean economy market opportunities by regions and by sectors
  • Mobilizing and networking clean economy sectors to grow

Collaborative Economics is a national leader in helping regions identify and implement strategies to strengthen innovation, productivity, and competitiveness, with the ultimate goal of increasing regional prosperity.  We believe that every economy has unique strengths that can be leveraged to encourage homegrown business start ups and expansions, job growth, and increased prosperity.

How We Help

  • Developing regional innovation benchmarks, indexes and recommendations
  • Facilitating authentic regional, business-led collaboration to develop and implement innovation strategies
  • Building innovation broker intermediaries

Collaborative Economics helps regional stewards identify opportunities based on economic analysis and develop strategies to promote change based on innovation and collaboration. Our track record is based on experience in over 40 regions across the country and internationally.

How We Help

  • Identifying Opportunities: We work with them to help define the most promising opportunities for your region.
  • Building Teams: We help define major opportunities and requirements for promoting those opportunities through collaboration
  • Promoting Action Plans: Working with teams of regional stewards, we help develop action plans with specific initiatives led by champions
  • Implementing Results: Teams of regional stewards are then supported to implement the action plans