Clean Energy Economic Development Series (2012)

Client: Environment Defense Fund

Project Team:

Renae Steichen (manager)

Francie Genz

Janine Kaiser

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California Advanced Transportation

California Green Innovation Index

Clean Economy Solutions

The Environmental Defense Fund engaged COECON to document the clean economy journey of three regions in three states (Colorado, Iowa and Ohio), focusing on the team effort that is required to produce positive outcomes. Each story describes the specific policies and actions of key public and private sector actors at the state, regional, and local levels (as well as the role of federal agencies) that have contributed to tangible progress for those regions and states.


The Series explores how states enhanced economic growth by tapping into the clean energy market. The reports show how diverse sets of stakeholders have worked together to develop manufacturing, installations and new products in this sector through actions to stimulate demand for products and services, seed clean energy innovation, and capture the economic benefits of job creation and private investment.