Regional Economic Development Initiative (2015)

Client: San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce

Project manager:

Renae Steichen

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Corporate Citizenship Report

The Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) is a public-private partnership engaging stakeholders in a collaborative effort to create jobs. It focuses on Silicon Valley’s most promising economic opportunities. REDI is led by the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the City of San Jose, Santa Clara County and supported by the regional business community.


Since launching in January 2015, COECON has helped the initiative identify the most promising opportunities for action by conducting interviews with key business and regional leaders, analyzing labor market and investment data, and reviewing regional and national economic trends. We expanded upon those areas of opportunity by mobilizing teams of business and public sector leaders (i.e. “civic entrepreneurs”). These industry teams met to identify specific actions to grow regional industry sectors and develop action plans with explicit strategies and commitments.


Moving forward, these action plans will be launched and implemented, in addition to developing a support infrastructure to continue to support REDI and industry team action plans.